Yes, your business does have an IT Department.

It’s us. You get more skills at your disposal, for a pro-active, preventative, secure approach to your technology.

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You need reliable IT support so your team can do what they do best

The concept of a workspace has changed. Work is conducted at home, in coffee shops, or on the road and you need the right IT infrastructure in place to enable your team with responsive access around the clock.

Aliva Aware – Fixed price plans with no bill shock

The fixed price Aliva Aware plan supports your core IT infrastructure ensuring smooth sailing for your team and unlimited support for any tech issues that may arise. We even have Aliva Aware Plus modules that allow you to tailor your package to match your business needs.

The standard Aliva Aware Managed Services package includes:

  • Unlimited Australian IT helpdesk support 24/7
  • Guaranteed resolution timeframes
  • 24/7 monitoring of all key services
  • Data Protection
  • Network security management
  • Device/Application management
  • Automatic updates, maintenance & patching
  • Monthly reports and online dashboard
  • Vendor management
  • Virtual CIO review meetings
  • Strategic workshops

Aliva Aware Plus modules you may like to add include:

  • Tailored on-site visits
  • Office 365
  • Managed backup
  • Cloud Services
  • Cyber Aware services
  • Managed disaster recovery

Why choose Aliva to be your IT Department?

Limited downtime

With a pre-emptive approach that includes preventative maintenance and remote management by professionals, you can ensure your IT infrastructure is in top working order which limits downtime to your business.

Money Saving

Downtime costs money and so do unexpected after-hour tech emergency call outs. With an Aliva Aware package, you’ll avoid these costs and save money.

Minimise Stress

IT downtime and systems that aren’t functioning quite right cause unnecessary stress and delays in your day. With Aliva Aware you can rest easy knowing your systems are in top shape and our IT helpdesk is ready to help out 24/7.

Tailored IT Operations

When we manage your IT infrastructure, your solution will be fit for purpose and tailored to your needs. You’ll be able to scale up or down as needed so you can react accordingly to changes within your business landscape.

Useful data

Regular, comprehensive reports allow you to quickly identify trends, govern performance issues and continuously improve your setup to maximise your return on your IT investment.

Peace of Mind

With Aliva Aware, you will have peace of mind that you’ll be protected against cyber security threats and have a team of experts on hand to solve even the curliest of tech problems.

What does the process look like?

At Aliva, we know that your technology needs to support you in your long-term goals – not just for what you need now. That’s why our process includes collaborative strategic planning to establish how technology can enable your business to grow and thrive and Support and Maintenance to ensure it continues to do so long-term.

What can I expect during the discovery phase?

During the initial discovery phase, we’ll dive deep into your network to better understand the underlying infrastructure and any challenges it may be causing you. We’ll also look at your internal IT policies and procedures and speak with key stakeholders in your business to give us a holistic view of your IT operations.

Step 1: Infrastructure and Configuration review

We’ll take a look at your server, storage and network devices to help identify any issues that could be affecting your operations, security, or that may pose challenges with cloud migration.

Step 2: Workstation review

Reviewing the workstations in use will detect any items that may not be fit for purpose in terms of age, specifications, operating systems, warranties etc.

Step 3: Business IT Policy review

Technology is ever-evolving so checking over your internal policies that govern IT usage is important to ensure they are up to date and relevant to your business and users. Out of date policies can create liability issues.

Step 4: Key Shareholder Discussions

The people who work within your business will know the challenges of your IT operations better than anyone. Having conversations with these stakeholders, allows us to develop an understanding of how your team uses your IT systems and any challenges they may have with your existing setup.

What deliverables will be implemented in the discovery phase?

During the discovery phase, you’ll be kept up to date with what we find in the following forms:

  • Project Plan
  • Managed Service Audit
  • Managed Services Asset Register
  • Managed Service Agreement
  • Access to the Aliva customer portal to view status of any tickets and conformance with Service Level Agreements
  • Access to knowledge articles about the organisations systems
  • A high-level strategy to update business systems to reduce the company risk profile

Here’s what our clients say about us…

AMC Training & Consulting began a partnership with Aliva in January 2020. In a year of considerable difficulty and need to have more IT and internet support than ever, Aliva have been wonderful.
They helped us evolve through a challenging times when the business needed to have remote access, have online studies and increase our IT presence.
Their whole team of support people are AMAZING. They go above and beyond, a respectful and provide prompt professional service. I am so grateful they have been there over the past 14 months.

Anne Cock, Google Review

St Andrews Toowoomba Hospital (SATH) partnered with and has been working with Aliva since late 2016. Throughout this time Aliva has helped and guided our organisation successfully through several large-scale Digital Transformation programs.

Aliva has and is considered a valued partner in all aspects of our technology Journey and has never backed away from a challenge.

Whether we require hardware of consulting services, we have always been able to depend on Aliva to deliver the goods, in their support of our organisation.

I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Ron Robinson, Google Review

I have always found Aliva and their team to be highly responsive to our IT needs. Aliva have a great depth of knowledge of IT trends and have helped with reviewing the right solutions to meet our business needs. Their technical knowledge is very strong and recently assisted us with a major infrastructure project, reviewing options to ensure the solution would provide the right outcomes for the business.

Shaun Young, Google Review

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