The Queensland Digital Licence is here, & is being rolled out across Queensland.

Businesses need Veryfyd™️, the Digital Licence Verification Platform by Aliva, so you can better look after your people.

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Does your business currently collect customer driver licence or identity information? 

Are you concerned about fake identity documents? You need Veryfyd™️, Don’t delay.

The rollout of the Queensland Digital Licence has begun and is now available statewide. If you have relied on sighting or photocopying drivers’ licences, you’ll need to change your process to include Veryfyd™️, Aliva’s Digital Licence Verifier platform. You will be expected to collect only the personally identifiable information (PII) that is required AND store it securely.

Aliva enables Australian businesses to identify and verify their customers’ identity, ensuring that the required PII is accepted and retained from the presented Queensland Digital Licence, and that the data is securely stored, reducing your risk and liability in the event of a data breach.

The Veryfyd™️ Digital Licence Verification Platform by Aliva is powered by the Thales SDK, the same software that the Department of Transport and Main Roads used to develop the Queensland Digital Licence.

Game-changing workflow integration

The Queensland Digital Licence app provides a significant first step in the way businesses and government departments identify customers.

But how do you implement that into your business?

Veryfyd™️, the Digital Licence Verification Platform by Aliva, allows secure transfer from the customer’s smartphone app to your business systems. This reduces the need for data entry, photocopying, and other time-consuming administrative tasks.

We provide the know-how, hardware, software, and ongoing service and support for end-to-end system integration, enabling acceptance, verification, and secure PII storage while improving the customer experience.

Improved customer experience

Traditionally, Australian businesses required to identify their customers have relied on unsecured proof of identity methods, including photocopying drivers’ licenses. In recent times, this has proved grossly inadequate, as data breaches, both accidental and criminal, have resulted in the loss of personally identifiable information (PII), causing significant identity theft consequences for businesses and customers.

The Queensland Digital Licence app provides businesses and customers ease of use and convenience, as ID cards and paper records are no longer required. In addition to seamless integration of PII into workflows, the Digital Licence Verification Platform by Aliva provides valuable options for customising the verifier app with branding or messaging to enhance marketing, business, and Know Your Customer (KYC) opportunities.

Improve your customer’s experience, while reducing your risk and liability in the event of a data breach.

Secure PII transfer in THREE easy steps

Step 1

The customer presents an Android or iOS smartphone installed with the Digital Licence, and the QR code is scanned by Veryfyd™️

Step 2

Veryfyd™️ creates a secure connection to the Digital Licence app and accepts the transferred identity information.

Step 3

Personally identifiable information (PII) is securely transferred to your business system—no data entry required!

Only receive the information (PII) you need!

The Aliva Digital Licence Verification Platform allows you and your customer to fully customise what information is transferred. The benefits of this are:

  • Minimised data storage requirements for your business

  • Reduce data breach liability impacts for your business

  • Limit information exposure risks for your customers

Highest Levels of Security

Ask us about Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) Transaction Records. With Aliva’s ZKP integration, businesses will no longer need to store customer PII, minimising the impacts of a data breach. ZKP is truly the way of the future for business and customers.

100 Points For Identify Verification

Banks, telcos, post offices, legal, financial, and other services requiring 100 points of identification before providing services will benefit from the Aliva app. No more needing to photocopy passports or Medicare cards. Using Veryfyd™️, the Digital Licence Verification Platform by Aliva and the Queensland Digital Licence, a quick scan will confirm the identity of your customer and relevant details are collected securely.

Child Care

Enhance child safety with the Aliva Digital Licence Verification Platform. Customise your systems to show photo ID of authorised people at pick up times.

Licensed Venues

When checking IDs at the door, night club staff using the Aliva Digital Licence Verification Platform will only receive the information required to confirm their age – no home address details or dates of birth would be collected ensuring patron safety.

Seamless ID 24/7

Services as diverse as parcel collection from the post office, pharmacy medication dispensary and after hours hire car pick up can all enjoy vastly improved customer experience using self-service kiosks while managing PII using the Digital Licence Verification Platform by Aliva.

5 reasons your business needs this app.

If you don’t already have it, get the Digital Licence Verifier app for the new digital licences.

  1. Quickly identify and verify your customer’s identity as part of the Know Your customer (KYC) guidelines and securely transfer and store PII in your business systems.
  2. Reduce your business liability impacts in the event of a data breach and reduce your customers PII exposure.
  3. Aliva’s Digital Licence Verification Platform does the heavy lifting with workflow integration automating time-consuming administrative tasks.
  4. Seamless customer experience – PII integration such as automatically populating form fields and customisation options.
  5. A range of billing and service level agreement options are available to suit your business requirements.

Support Services

While you are taking care of your customers, we’ll take care of you.

Aliva has been working with the Queensland Government since 2019 and has been involved in the development of the Queensland Digital Licence development since its inception. We know the ins and outs of the Digital Licence Platform and the security that underpins it.

This makes Aliva the ideal partner for you to implement this game-changing technology into your business.

We will work with you to customise Veryfyd™️, the Digital Licence Verification Platform by Aliva to suit your business needs and provide you with all the support you need along the way.

We have wide range of verifier solutions available including Android aps, Apple iOS apps, Windows and Webapps with a range of hardware options including Mobile Phones, Tablets or iPads and Kiosks. Other options available include monthly subscription or transaction based service and support for hardware, cloud hosting, web based app development, mobile app development, managed services and helpdesk. And don’t forget to ask about our Zero Knowledge Proof Transaction Record Platform. Aliva has got you covered!

Here’s what our clients say about us…

St Andrews Toowoomba Hospital (SATH) partnered with and has been working with Aliva since late 2016. Throughout this time Aliva has helped and guided our organisation successfully through several large-scale Digital Transformation programs.

Aliva has and is considered a valued partner in all aspects of our technology Journey and has never backed away from a challenge.

Whether we require hardware of consulting services, we have always been able to depend on Aliva to deliver the goods, in their support of our organisation.

I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Ron Robinson, Google Review
AMC Training & Consulting began a partnership with Aliva in January 2020. In a year of considerable difficulty and need to have more IT and internet support than ever, Aliva have been wonderful.
They helped us evolve through a challenging times when the business needed to have remote access, have online studies and increase our IT presence.
Their whole team of support people are AMAZING. They go above and beyond, a respectful and provide prompt professional service. I am so grateful they have been there over the past 14 months.
Anne Cock, Google Review

I have always found Aliva and their team to be highly responsive to our IT needs. Aliva have a great depth of knowledge of IT trends and have helped with reviewing the right solutions to meet our business needs. Their technical knowledge is very strong and recently assisted us with a major infrastructure project, reviewing options to ensure the solution would provide the right outcomes for the business.

Shaun Young, Google Review

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