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Sick of surprise annual software bills?

Wish you could collate all your software licenses in the one place?

The Aliva licensing and annuity service takes the surprise out of those annual licensing costs and allows you to minimise your software costs whilst ensuring you have the maximum benefit from the software you use.

Benefits of Licensing and Annuity service with Aliva

Here are a few reasons you might like to consider letting us take care of your software licensing:

Save Money

By linking to vendor catalogues and services, we can ensure you have the best pricing for the software you use rather than just automatically renewing when the bill arrives. We will also help you identify software you may be paying for unnecessarily.

Timely Reminders

With our licensing and annuity service, you won’t be surprised with those annual renewal bills. You’ll receive automatic reminders and quotes 120 days before the bill is due so you’re never caught out again.

Centralised platform

With the Aliva asset annuity platform, you’ll see all your software assets in one place giving you a birds-eye view and complete control over your software procurement lifecycle, licensing agreements, budget forecasting, compliance, and asset renewal.

Here’s what our clients say about us…

St Andrews Toowoomba Hospital (SATH) partnered with and has been working with Aliva since late 2016. Throughout this time Aliva has helped and guided our organisation successfully through several large-scale Digital Transformation programs.

Aliva has and is considered a valued partner in all aspects of our technology Journey and has never backed away from a challenge.

Whether we require hardware of consulting services, we have always been able to depend on Aliva to deliver the goods, in their support of our organisation.

I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Ron Robinson, Google Review
AMC Training & Consulting began a partnership with Aliva in January 2020. In a year of considerable difficulty and need to have more IT and internet support than ever, Aliva have been wonderful.
They helped us evolve through a challenging times when the business needed to have remote access, have online studies and increase our IT presence.
Their whole team of support people are AMAZING. They go above and beyond, a respectful and provide prompt professional service. I am so grateful they have been there over the past 14 months.
Anne Cock, Google Review

I have always found Aliva and their team to be highly responsive to our IT needs. Aliva have a great depth of knowledge of IT trends and have helped with reviewing the right solutions to meet our business needs. Their technical knowledge is very strong and recently assisted us with a major infrastructure project, reviewing options to ensure the solution would provide the right outcomes for the business.

Shaun Young, Google Review

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