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Managed Services

We Enable Users to Enable the Business

Today’s workers aren’t just in the office. They’re at home, they’re in coffee shops and they’re on the road. This means IT must respond. It’s an “always on” world and you need the right infrastructure in place to meet those needs.

At Aliva our managed services are focused on keeping your IT running around the clock. And users can be confident that any issues are responded to and resolved quickly.

End-to-End User Experience

Our managed services are a seamless product bringing together end-to-end security, network, workplace and support. Our Aliva Aware plan offers fixed price solutions for your core infrastructure. Paired with our Aliva Aware Plus modules and we can offer an integrated, fit-for-purpose IT services solution.

Aliva Aware Plus modules include:

  • Unlimited helpdesk support
  • Guaranteed service resolution within specified SLAs
  • 24x7 proactive monitoring of key services and end points
  • Automated updating and patching
  • Online dashboards and monthly easy to read reports
  • Virtual CIO via future-proof review meetings
  • Vendor management
  • On-site visits
  • Microsoft 365
  • Managed backup
  • Managed disaster recovery
  • Cloud services
  • Cyber awareness training

Intelligent User Support

Today’s workplaces are flexible and dynamic. This means workers need their technology problems dealt with – pronto. At Aliva, we will anticipate issues and respond to automated requests. Support can be expensive at scale, which is why we tailor a support solution to you and your company’s needs. To maximise user satisfaction and productivity, support needs to move beyond simply fixing problems to enriching experiences, which is what we provide at Aliva. We don’t just provide support, we provide a support experience which will get your staff and business back, and productive, faster.

Security that Protects and Enables its Users

The threat landscape is constantly changing. New threats emerge, and your company needs a solution provider who understands the shifts occurring – and understands how to protect you.

At Aliva, we understand how to protect your business without it getting in the way of actually doing business. From encryption and device hardening to authentication and patching, we will secure your endpoints, regardless of whether it’s wired, wireless, on-premise or off-premise.

Today’s workplace is flexible and often, remote. We can help your organisation take a flexible, multi-layered approach to security so end-users can work and collaborate – wherever they happen to be.

Operational / Strategy Workshops

Getting the most out of your IT investments is critical. We undertake monthly or quarterly review workshops with you to understand the overall health and performance of your IT. We also analyse key data so you can understand your future IT requirements

Annual Workshops

For a business to be a success, it must have its operational requirements aligned with its IT needs. We undertake annual workshops with key business stakeholders to help you understand and align your business to your IT requirements. Our 12-month workshops also include a roadmap, gap analysis, recommendations and observations.

3rd Party Facilitation Management

Service level agreements (SLA) and contract management are critical to having a seamless IT solution and allowing you to focus on your business. We help you with this focus by managing multiple suppliers on your behalf.

Service Delivery Management

Our service desk team is available from 0730am to 1730pm to provide you with the highest level of support, whether it’s through phone, online chat, email, web, or end-user self-help. We have integrated our full suite of support services so that if there’s an issue, it is resolved quickly, efficiently and with minimum disruption.

Service Desk

We pride ourselves on consistently achieving the highest standards in quality call handling and incident management via our service desk. Our full suite of support activities are integrated into our service desk to ensure your IT services are delivered effectively. Our service desk is available from 7.30am to 5.30pm with contact available by phone, online chat, email, web or end-user self-help.

Device/Application Management

Aliva can monitor and update your business’s critical devices and applications using remote monitoring in real time. This service can also include SOE management, virus protection, Mac and OS maintenance along with virtual desktop and virtual applications.

Infrastructure Management

Aliva offers infrastructure management including real-time remote monitoring, control and support of all server hardware and operating systems. We also manage SAN hardware and the service can also include patch management, backup and disaster recovery, user and email admin, virus and security management as well as printers and printing services.

Data Protection Management

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Aliva keeps your data safe through real-time monitoring, control and support of your data environment. We also work with you to backup and archive your data via tape or disk. Our data protection management service can also include backup schedule management, test restore and recovery and archive management.


Know where you stand. Aliva provides comprehensive, graphical reports every month so you know the status of your managed services.

Network / Security Management

Aliva’s network and security management provides real-time control and support of communications equipment and services used to connect every one of your supported sites. Our service can also include capacity and performance management, configuration changes, MACs and security management.

What our clients say about us

Friendly, knowledgeable, reliable, have all your IT needs covered at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended


IT Manager QLD, Autopact

We have always found Aliva and their team to be highly responsive to our IT needs.
They have a great depth of knowledge of IT trends and have helped with reviewing the right solutions to meet our business needs.
Their technical knowledge is very strong and recently assisted us with a major infrastructure project, reviewing options to ensure the solution would provide the right outcomes for the business.


Group IT Manager, Easternwell

So far my dealings with Aliva & our Account Manager, have been nothing but simple. Quote requests are prompt, I order and my items turn up within a day or 2. We are aiming to use Aliva for all of our AU purchasing of IT equipment and some backup IT services. To be completely honest, this sort of customer service is almost non-existent these days, both commercially and non-commercially from companies large and small.


IT Systems Engineer, PSC Consulting

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How Does Managed Services from Aliva Benefit Your Business?

Increased Availability: With Aliva managed services you can ensure the ongoing health and best practice status of your IT environment. Our pre-emptive approach is achieved through a combination of remote management and preventative maintenance. Because of this, incidents are averted at the first opportunity, and business-critical applications remain operational.

Cost Effective IT Operations: Our Aliva aware plan is highly modular, granular and flexible. As your business changes, the service can incisively react to ensure continual alignment to your business service requirements.

Reduced Cost: Increase uptime, avoid major damage due to preventative maintenance, and gain direct savings by eliminating after-hours or on-call staff costs thanks to our cost-effective managed services.

Robust Operations: In-house operations are often hampered by unplanned staff shortages, annual leave and surges in demand. Our service is designed to be robust, with no single point of failure day or night. We also provide the flexibility to seamlessly handle changes in circumstance in the most cost-effective way.

Visibility: Regular, comprehensive reports provide you with the visibility of IT system performance, end-user issues, and service levels. This visibility enables you to quickly identify trends for resolution, govern performance issues and drive continuous improvement initiatives to gain the maximum return from IT investment.

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