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Malware vs Ransomware

Many people often confuse Malware and Ransomware, though they are similar, it is important to know the difference. Malware Malware is an abbreviation for “Malicious Software” and is a form of software that is installed onto ones’ device (be it computer or mobile) to disrupt their operation and/or access private and secure information. Malware comes […]

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

By now I am sure everyone has heard of terms like Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. These are terms used to describe the processes and tasks undertaken to ensure the return to service in the event of critical impact to the function of your business. Whilst this traditionally referred to IT infrastructure and services, it […]

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How secure is your mobile? 10 tips to keep you safe!

We are relying more and more on our mobile devices to run and manage our day-to-day lives. Smartphones act as our map, diary, wallet, shopping platform and social connection device. Realising this, cybercriminals are actively developing mobile-focused attacks designed to compromise personal information and your financial security. It is important that mobile application end users […]

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