Protect Your Corporate Data Anytime, Anywhere

Our increasing dependence on interconnecting digital platforms is constantly under threat from cyber criminals who aim to disrupt and extort business and governments.  They do this by targeting vulnerabilities in systems and people’s habits to infiltrate information stores, data and networks.  Some recent examples like WannaCry, Petya, CryptoLocker and numerous phishing email examples have brought these threats into the public domain.  Statistics vary, but a CSO article claims that 1 in 5 Australian SMB’s affected by ransomware will likely close their business and almost 1 in 3 businesses haven’t determined how they were compromised.

These threats take on even greater significance when our “work anywhere, anytime” mobile workforce using mobile devices (tablets and notebooks) may inadvertently create an “unsecure edge” to personal and corporate networks and the information contained in them.  There are a range of new technologies being brought to market to protect against these threats.

Aliva works closely with Druva, a leading contender in this space.  Druva has developed a single platform that unifies data protection, data governance, data intelligence and Management of critical data.  In this blog we’ll cover one of these products called Druva inSync and how it addresses threats associated with a mobile workforce.

  • Druva inSync can help greatly with OS migration and device refresh with other benefits extending to governance of data and endpoint protection.
  • Druva inSync leads the way in data availability and information governance across all user data — enabling businesses to recover information quickly, manage it for eDiscovery and gain insights they never had before. inSync has been ranked #1 in Gartner’s endpoint data protection product for the last 4 years running.
  • Druva inSync offers key benefits such as:
  1. A high performance, enterprise grade backup with time indexed snapshots
  2. Backup of the users “persona” so that devices can be restored to the exact state
  3. Protect and manage data across all endpoints (laptops, desktops, smart phones and tablets)
  4. Comprehensive backup, recovery and archival for Office 365, Google Suite, Box and Salesforce
  5. Easily search, collect and preserve data in place to support legal and compliance needs

We need to remember that systems, however good they are, can still be affected by the humans that operate them.  In many cases it is human interaction that allows these threats to become so common place and damaging.  Druva’s inSync has “Anomaly Detection” built into the platform to help dramatically improve early ransomware detection.  When coupled with the granular restore capabilities administrators can arm the organisation with a more resilient backup continuity plan.

There’s no doubt threats will continue to evolve, and business’s will have to scale their protections to keep their valuable information safe, so they don’t become the 1 in 5 that don’t make it through an attack.  Aliva with Druva can help put innovative quality protection and management systems in place to protect your workforce and your enterprise.  Call 07 3505 5000 or email Matt Winwood via

By Matt Winwood

Internal Account Manager