Aliva helps customers care for the environment

Digital disruption and the reach of social media continue to grow exponentially. Society now views a company’s behaviour through the lens of corporate citizenship, environmental impact and so corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming a much larger influence on the day to day operation for most “socially aware” companies.

CSR is a means for an organisation to self-regulate active compliance within the spirit of the law, ethical standards and national or international normalities.

An aspect of Aliva’s social awareness and responsibility is the work we do to manage the correct disposal of Electronic Waste (e-Waste) for our customers. IT constantly renews and leaves a mountain of obsolete devices that used to go to landfill. We perform our small part to reduce pollution within the environment by facilitating recycling of everything IT, from laptop batteries through to functioning workstations.

We work with our e-Waste partners to correctly wipe any customer data prior to disposal of computer products by means of breaking down and recycling the plastics and metals. The plastics are used to manufacture fence posts, plastic sleepers, vineyard stakes and other plastic products while the many metals are recycled to create a wide range of new metallic materials.

When our customer’s computers are still in working order we partner to salvage and sell this equipment to overseas buyers, especially where our used equipment is much more useful to those less fortunate than ourselves. In some cases, we’ve even been able to pass some funds back to our customers who are generally very surprised that their old equipment had some value at all.

If you or your organisation would like more information on how Aliva manages e-Waste for our customers or would like a quote on e-Waste disposal, then please contact Aliva via and we’ll help you build out a part of your CSR program.

By Matt Winwood