Is your email inbox getting the better of you?

I am often finding myself on a Wednesday afternoon with an inbox full of email and a little conflicted as to how I am going to clear them all and also complete my other tasks before the end of the week. So, I looked into how to manage my email and found 4 really interesting hacks.

  1. Take action immediately.

For all those important emails, take action as soon as you have a free time to respond.  Do not “unread” the email, as you will often forget and not see it till you are back in your inbox.

  1. Labels / Folders / Categories.

Mark emails off when they are completed but are not yet ready to be moved or deleted. Use folders for when an email is completed and move it to a specific folder so you know where it can be found in case you need it later.  Have colour categories for emails as this will make your inbox more organised and colour can be used to sort when you are looking for a particular email.

  1. Don’t be hesitant to unsubscribe.

Newsletters and advertisements can fill up your inbox. Unsubscribing will clean out the clutter and noise and allow you to focus on the emails you need to respond to.

  1. Plan ahead.

Figure out and prioritise tomorrow’s emails today.  Take a few minutes before you log off each day to flag what needs attention first thing tomorrow.  This way you start the new day with purpose instead of a scramble and have a better chance of getting everything done.

I am going to implement these hacks into my email management and, hopefully, watch the chaos disappear.  Finishing each week with an orderly inbox and clear mind makes for a Fabulous Friday!

If you like these ideas or if you have any more hacks then let me know at

Thanks for reading….Bree