BYOD – What to look for in a your Child’s School Laptop

Buying your child’s first laptop for school use is a daunting experience. You have to weigh up specifications, features and brands against price, yet still there are factors that leave you anxious. Will the technology be obsolete next year? Will it be good enough for your child’s curriculum? These are all valid questions and hopefully, I can provide some insight to help make your decision less stressful.

Main Checklist


  • Children may not necessarily be rough with their devices but when they take them in and out of a bag 6-10 times a day and jostle it about in a school bag for the rest of the day, the laptop needs to be tough.

Long battery life

  • Battery life has to be at least 6-8 hours to enable usage for a full school day. Schools don’t allow on premise charging due to OH&S safety, so a long battery life is essential.

Onsite warranty

  • If your child’s device stops working and needs repair, it is good to know that they will only have to wait a day or two for a Technician to visit the school and repair their device. Back to base or Depot warranty usually means sending it to an off-site repairer and waiting for it to be sent back to you; which can take weeks. Can your child cope for 2 weeks without their main work tool for school?


  • Get a protective Case! No matter how well made, a laptop is still fragile and protecting it in a good quality case is important. A neoprene or soft slipcase will only protect it from scratches, but nothing else!

Aliva is the only Qld owned and operated Small to Medium Business on the Qld Department of Education contract to supply Computer equipment to Qld Schools. We are partnered with Lenovo and every model we offer under a BYOD scheme is the exact same model that we offer to schools. They are either designed specifically to withstand the unique pressures of school use or the rigours of a bustling business environment. They are all tested to Military Specification Standards for dust, shock, moisture and temperature. They are designed to last a full day on battery and all models come with 3 year Next Business Day Premier Support Onsite Warranty.

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