Does your password need to do some strength training?

A recently released Data Breach Investigations report identified that 63 percent of confirmed data breaches involved weak default or stolen passwords. This asks the question, is multi-factor authentication a critical component to any organisation’s approach to data security?

Due to the costs and complexities involved with deploying this type of security, SMB’s have not deployed multi-factor at the same rate as larger organisations despite being faced with the same level of threats each and every day. Thankfully our favourite SMB security vendor WatchGuard has continued their track record of breaking down barriers to make enterprise -grade security affordable for the SMB market. Earlier this year WatchGuard acquired Datablink, a leading provider of advanced authentication solutions, with the view to delivering a cost effective, yet advanced solution to its customers.

This new product is scheduled to be released in 2018 alongside WatchGuard’s Cloud platform, providing unified configuration, management and visibility across all WatchGuard products so the experts can keep your IT infrastructure secure without sacrificing functionality or business productivity. WatchGuard have proven products in the security sector and if you’re not using a sophisticated enterprise grade firewall in your organisation then now is the time to get yourself a WatchGuard so you’re protected and ready to take advantage of these new services when they’re available. If you’re interested in assessing your security profile and processes, please get in touch with the Aliva Team so we can ensure your business is secure.

By Marc Beath (Service Manager)