It’s Time To Get Aggressive About Data Protection

How often do you backup your business critical data?  I would hazard to guess that the answer to that question from most organisations is once daily, normally after business hours.  There is nothing unusual about that, it is an fairly common and acceptable methodology now days.

But have you ever really taken the time to consider what impact it would have on your business if you lost todays data before you could back it up?  What sort of impact would it have on productivity, financial implications, staff?   Think about it, the answer may surprise, or most likely scare you.   A recent survey undertaken by our good partner Nimble responded to by over 1,600 IT professionals, from storage administrators to CIO’s confirmed what some of us have been thinking for quite some time.  Business critical data must be protected regularly, and aggressively, otherwise the impact may be more than the business suspects or can handle.

The below blog link published by Nimble on the 2nd of April provides for some interesting reading and may resonate with many organisations today.

Aliva have solution outcomes that can assist organisations address their data protection challenges.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to discuss in more detail how Aliva may be able to assist your organisation in protecting your business critical