Managed Services

Managed Services Portfolio.

Our model can be progressively adopted, starting with the most critical support areas. Additionally, within each module there is the ability to select the required services from a granular list, ensuring the best value for money service is tailored specifically for your needs.

Service Delivery Management:

The IT service management layer constantly oversees and drives service quality and performance and provides: governance and reporting; asset management; documentation and change management.

Service Desk:

A 8am – 6pm service desk (24x7x365 optional) that prides itself on consistently achieving the highest standards in quality and performance in call handling and incident management. The service desk integrates the suite of support activities to ensure your IT services are delivered in the most effective way. Contact can be made by phone, on-line chat, email, web or end-user self-help.

Device/Application Management:

Real-time remote monitoring; control and support of a variety of devices desktops, laptops and mobile devices and peripheral resources at all sites. This service can also include: SOE management; virus protection; MACs; and OS maintenance. Also includes Virtual Desktop / Applications.

Infrastructure Management:

Real-time remote monitoring, control and support of all server hardware, operating systems, applications, data, SAN Storage hardware and ancillary services. This service can also include: patch management; capacity and performance management; backup and disaster recovery; user and email administration; virus and security management and print services.

Data Protection Management:

Real-time remote monitoring, control and support of your Data environment, including Backup (tape and/or disk) and Archive. This service can include: backup schedule management; test restore and recovery; and archive management.

Network/Security Management:

Real-time remote monitoring, control and support of data communications equipment and services used to link each of the supported sites. This service can also include: capacity and performance management; configuration changes; MACs; and security management.


Comprehensive, graphical reports are provided every month. These include SLA achievement, accurate up-to-date capacity reports, trend analysis, performance reports, observations and recommendations.

Support Services:

Support is provided via telephone, remote connection and/or on-site. Our extensive technical resource team consists of highly experienced, customer friendly experts covering all aspects of Level 1,2 & 3 Support.

Operational / Strategy Workshops:

Monthly or Quarterly Workshops are undertaken with you to discuss overall health and performance of your IT Assets to get the most from your investments. Analysis of key data will also enable your business to accurately forecast future requirements.

Annual Workshops:

Annual Strategy workshops are undertaken with key business stakeholders to help your organisation align your IT plan to business requirements. Includes 12 month roadmap, gap analysis, recommendations and observations.

3rd Party Facilitation Management:

Through the use of effective service level agreements (SLA) and contract management, we are able to manage multiple suppliers on your behalf; giving you a truly seamless solution and letting you focus on your core business.

How does Managed Services benefit your business?

Our Managed Services practice; one of our market-leading specialisations, is focused on delivering measurable and ongoing value to your business. Just a few of the benefits we deliver include:

  • Increased Availability: Our model is aimed at ensuring the ongoing health and best practice status of your IT environment. This pre-emptive approach is achieved through a combination of remote management and preventative maintenance. Consequently incidents are averted at the first opportunity, which inherently increases the availability of business-critical applications.
  • Cost Effective IT Operations: Our model is highly modular, granular and flexible; enabling the most fit-for-purpose solution to be tailored to your needs. As your business changes the service can incisively react to ensure continual alignment to your business service requirements.
  • Reduced Cost: Increased uptime; Avoiding major damage due to preventative maintenance; and direct savings due to elimination of after-hours or on-call staff costs, are all examples of how our service delivers a reduction in costs.
  • Robust Operations: In-house operations are often hampered by unplanned staff shortages, annual leave and surges in demand. Our service is designed to be robust, with no single point of failure day or night, and to provide the flexibility to seamlessly handle changes in circumstance in the most cost-effective way.
  • Visibility: Regular, comprehensive reports provide you with the visibility of IT system performance, end-user issues, and service levels. This visibility enables you to quickly identify trends for resolution, govern performance issues and drive continuous improvement initiatives to gain the maximum return from IT investment.


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